New Year Old Army

Here we are, quite a bit in the new year already. My last post was from November in which I had just finished my warcry terrain.

Since then I’ve mostly been attacking my ginormous pile of shame again. Although the pile is considerably smaller now than it was a year ago, there are still several armies worth of unassembled mini’s waiting for me to get started on them. With that in mind I’ve spent the final month of 2020 assembling and priming a bunch of old Skaven from the pile of shame and also worked on organizing the pile into some manageable projects for 2021.

After going through the whole thing I’ve decided to go for the completion of 3 old projects in 2021. Hopefully I can work on these simultaneously to keep my interest.

1: Skaven

I have a lot of Skaven models stocked up from years past. Some of them are metal models from more than 15 years old, a bunch of plastics from around 10 years ago (mostly clanrats) and some stuff from only a couple of years ago when I bought some start collecting pestilens boxes. Would be really great to get this finished since it’s been on my list literally since the beginning. Worth it for the peace of mind alone.

2: Word Bearers

Now that I’ve managed to completely finish my Raven Guard army as well as my small Talons force, the next Horus Heresy project has been in the making for at least 2-3 years. I’m done with planning and purchasing now and want to really get paint on these models. If I don’t have a finished word bearer by the end of january I’m going to feel very sad. Getting everything in the box done by the end of 2021 should leave me with something around 1 to 1,5k. Which should be perfect for ZM games or small centurion games. Really looking forward to that!

3: Indomitus Space Marines

This is going to be a completely new project! But should be very fun. I received my Made to Order Indomitus box in November, so I can also feel like I’m working on a new project this year. I really liked the space marines in this box and I have a lore idea to theme them as a successor chapter to my 30k Raven Guard. Going heavy with the Vulture theme I’ve already tested the colour scheme somewhere last year and was quite satisfied. Going to save these ones as a way to reward myself in between working on the Skaven and the Word Bearers.

In December, the only game I played was against Dirk’s new Thousand Sons army. It looked amazing, but the game was lost quickly when I threw everything at the blade occult, but failed all of my wound rolls on an orbital bombardment (6 ones on 8 dice).

I did manage to kill the Knight as my sole accomplishment during the game.

I also had a game in the new year already against Alpha Legion:

Once again I lost the game badly, but enjoyed using my new flyers again. Killing the AL warlord was a highlight for me (maybe I killed Alpharius?!).

The last game I played only recently against Dirk’s ogor army. Was a fun game and a real smash fest. We made a mistake on the objectives which, combined with Dirk’s double turn, swung the game heavily in his favor. I probably would have won if we had played the objective rules correctly.

Slaanesh army also looking gorge as usual.

Final thing I want to mention is that I spent some time last month looking into some foam and bags for old projects (Empire, Warmachine and Chaos Space Marines). Now 3 of my old armies are fully painted as well as safely packed and stored, which is a pretty nice feeling. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the same for my Slaanesh and Raven Guard as well soon.

So, that was that for the first 2021 update. Hopefully lots of progress in the next post!

Thanks for reading!

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