3D Prints and Skaven

Febuary has come and gone and I’m glad to be able to report at least some progress on the goals I set myself this year. The skaven I was working on in the last post are done now so check them out:

Thanquol himself! Boneripper was difficult to paint, but I had a lot of fun with the big rat himself.

I also worked on some very cool additions to my titanicus force. One of my titanicus playing friends (Rusty’s 3D Printing on marktplaats.nl) has been getting into 3D printing for the past couple of years and I bought some of his first experiments with epic scale space marines AND worked with him to make some custom nameplates for my titans. The epic scale marines were painted in word bearer colours and stuck on the bases. I wasn’t able to get a lot of detail on such small miniatures, but I feel like I did my best to create a cool scheme for them.

After doing the tiny marines I also had some tiny vehicles from Michael’s 3D printer that found were a little too big for base decoration (they took too much attention away from the titan). I painted them up anyway and will maybe use them as titanicus objectives in the future or something.

Next on the list is finally painting some actual 30k 28mm Word Bearers. Gods know how long I’ve been looking forward to these guys, so I hope they’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks for reading!

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