New Year Old Army

Here we are, quite a bit in the new year already. My last post was from November in which I had just finished my warcry terrain.

Since then I’ve mostly been attacking my ginormous pile of shame again. Although the pile is considerably smaller now than it was a year ago, there are still several armies worth of unassembled mini’s waiting for me to get started on them. With that in mind I’ve spent the final month of 2020 assembling and priming a bunch of old Skaven from the pile of shame and also worked on organizing the pile into some manageable projects for 2021.

After going through the whole thing I’ve decided to go for the completion of 3 old projects in 2021. Hopefully I can work on these simultaneously to keep my interest.

1: Skaven

I have a lot of Skaven models stocked up from years past. Some of them are metal models from more than 15 years old, a bunch of plastics from around 10 years ago (mostly clanrats) and some stuff from only a couple of years ago when I bought some start collecting pestilens boxes. Would be really great to get this finished since it’s been on my list literally since the beginning. Worth it for the peace of mind alone.

2: Word Bearers

Now that I’ve managed to completely finish my Raven Guard army as well as my small Talons force, the next Horus Heresy project has been in the making for at least 2-3 years. I’m done with planning and purchasing now and want to really get paint on these models. If I don’t have a finished word bearer by the end of january I’m going to feel very sad. Getting everything in the box done by the end of 2021 should leave me with something around 1 to 1,5k. Which should be perfect for ZM games or small centurion games. Really looking forward to that!

3: Indomitus Space Marines

This is going to be a completely new project! But should be very fun. I received my Made to Order Indomitus box in November, so I can also feel like I’m working on a new project this year. I really liked the space marines in this box and I have a lore idea to theme them as a successor chapter to my 30k Raven Guard. Going heavy with the Vulture theme I’ve already tested the colour scheme somewhere last year and was quite satisfied. Going to save these ones as a way to reward myself in between working on the Skaven and the Word Bearers.

In December, the only game I played was against Dirk’s new Thousand Sons army. It looked amazing, but the game was lost quickly when I threw everything at the blade occult, but failed all of my wound rolls on an orbital bombardment (6 ones on 8 dice).

I did manage to kill the Knight as my sole accomplishment during the game.

I also had a game in the new year already against Alpha Legion:

Once again I lost the game badly, but enjoyed using my new flyers again. Killing the AL warlord was a highlight for me (maybe I killed Alpharius?!).

The last game I played only recently against Dirk’s ogor army. Was a fun game and a real smash fest. We made a mistake on the objectives which, combined with Dirk’s double turn, swung the game heavily in his favor. I probably would have won if we had played the objective rules correctly.

Slaanesh army also looking gorge as usual.

Final thing I want to mention is that I spent some time last month looking into some foam and bags for old projects (Empire, Warmachine and Chaos Space Marines). Now 3 of my old armies are fully painted as well as safely packed and stored, which is a pretty nice feeling. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the same for my Slaanesh and Raven Guard as well soon.

So, that was that for the first 2021 update. Hopefully lots of progress in the next post!

Thanks for reading!

Second Wave

Well, here we are. Smack in the center of the second wave of the covid pandemic. I’ve still been getting games in since we’re still allowed a maximum of 2 visitors at home, but work has become superbusy due to everyone falling ill. I find myself with increasingly less time to devote to writing blogs and keeping up with the hobby online. So here’s a simple post with a few cool foto’s and some super short battle reports.

In need of some better Age of Sigmar terrain for home games I got this Warcry battlefield set. Maybe I will even play some warcry games on it sometime.

Thanks for reading!

Covid Campaigns and the Ravens’ Flight

In the last few weeks of the summer I’ve still been getting in games where I can. The way that local gaming has been hit by the crisis is starting to become increasingly disheartening. Everyone I know is doing their best to keep gaming, but without an open hobby night at the local gaming store a big part of my reason for being in the hobby is starting to fall apart. Some people (myself included) have tried to counter this by organising campaigns. Even though we can’t all participate at the same time, we’re hoping that linking the battles online will provide at least a little more motovation to keep us playing. I’ve therefore included a few report stories with the pictures. One campaign is an Age of Sigmar campaign that I’m participating in with my Hedonites of Slaanesh and the other is Titanicus which I’m doing with my Legio Krytos.

Age of Sigmar: The Alabaster Host

In the Seventy Fourth Palace of the Great Dark Prince
In the seventy fourth palace of the great dark prince
We are waiting on the host
We don’t have to boast but we’ll make a toast
Bottoms up be sure to rinse

In the alabaster palace of the great dark prince
Where we like to take things slow
There will be a show we don’t have to go
We are easy to convince

In the silent palace of the great dark prince
A strange song always plays
Like a winding maze it goes on for days
If you heard it you would wince

In the neverending palace of the great dark prince
People like to settle down
Upside down they frown all around the town
And we haven’t seen them since

Two mysterious statues flew down from the skies above the realm of Chaos. Although a riotous war was waged between the Maggotkin of Nurgle and the Alabaster Host of Slaanesh, both warhosts left the field with only a single statue in their possession.

“The Seraphon of the Koatl’s Claw constellation clashed with the hedonites of the Alabaster Host over a formation of five nurlge plague loci. After quickly claiming the prime locus, Greater Daemon Minertia the Elegant was banished by the Koatl Saurus Guard. Arcane infection and disease caused havoc among the closely cavorting daemons and saurus in the center. Meanwhile speed of the slaaneshi godseekers pushed the battles for the flanks past the saurus knights to claim even more loci in Dark Prince’s name. Abandoning all concern for claiming the plague loci, the saurus army unleashed their full bloodthirst and started tearing through the hedonites in earnest. With only a few daemonettes remaining after the battle, Koatl’s Claw returned to ghur satisfied. The plague loci however, were thoroughly drained and subverted by the power of Slaanesh.”

Adeptus Titanicus: Legio Krytos

simulation XX.IX.011 – sub axiom maniple engagement – blasted barrens – single fortification – nemesis: legio gryphonicus – prime stratagem: encircle and close engagement – result: loss / chronomatic insufficiency – prime causality: unreliability reaver class machine spirit / overdefensive warhound class stratagem

The shitty thing about this phase of the pandemic in the Netherlands is that our group can only play 1v1 battles at the gaming store as long as we book a table in advance. Also, the gaming store now only has room for 3 tables max. Gaming at home is still possible, but dependant on who you’ll allow in your house, how much terrain you have and how much room you have.

The part that falls away is the spontaneous, communal, social way of playing games. Megabattles, teambattles, campaigns, lengthy painting table converations. These were the kinds of things that were, to me, the ultimate reason for doing this hobby. Even though I’ve enjoyed most of the battles I’ve played since lockdown. It feels like dry bread compared to the mighty feasts that I’ve dedicated myself to for the past 15 years.

Long story short: I’m having a tough time with all of this and I can’t wait for the pandemic to be over. If this keeps going long enough I’m going to have to rethink my hobby in a fundametal way.

As a final thing I wanted to show a quick shot of my two Xiphon’s that are now finally done. Over the next few days/weeks I’ll be varnishing the entire army and declaring it finished. Hopefully I’ll have some time to make some full army shots.

Finally. The Last of the Ravens are complete!

Thanks for reading!

The Slow Down

The past weeks since my last post I’ve been deliberately taking it a bit more easy on the miniature painting front. Having finished my veteran squad, I’ve finally left myself with only a couple of projects in storage.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping busy with games. It’s been difficult coming to terms with the Covid rules effectively cancelling most of my favorite things about the hobby such as events, megabattles, communal painting, etc. I’ve tried to cope by organising more games at my house as well.

Classic dinnertable game against Niels’ Seraphon.
Slaanesh and Skaven VS Chaos Dwarfs and Seraphon on the big table!
And a Hesery game in the gameforce against Bart and his World Eaters/Iron Warriors.

In between the games I’ve spent some time on things that are not completely new models, but rather more cosmetic updates and chores that I’ve had on my list for a while now. Painting black edges to the bases for my Skaven army was one (they look a lot nicer beside my slaanesh army now) and magnetising my Storm Eagle was another. I also really quickly did some warp portals for my Slaanesh army in 30k.

Repainting the bases of 120+ skaven was quite a bit of work.

There is one new project I’ve started up. I’m currently painting two Xiphon interceptors for my Raven Guard. They’ll be the last project for that army and the finishing touch before I can start my new Heresy army. Hopefully next post I’ll be able to show them!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

Hobby 2020 so far: Slaanesh, The Pile and… Corona.

Now, with 2019 out of the way I can finally talk about what I’ve been up to recently. It’s been a lot and the world around hasn’t been boring about it either. I imagine everyone is like this now, but if I had known what a year 2020 would become…

Ok, so the year for me started out extremely optimistic. Even though I was still a bit shell shocked from the whole divorce ordeal, I was really happy with my new home:

I even got curtains and everything.

So I decided: New Year, New Army! The Pile was going to have to wait again. I needed something fresh to get excited about and a new way to play the game. I settled on Slaanesh Daemons at the local warhammer store birthday and got the slaanesh half of Wrath and Rapture.

My first batch of daemonettes.

The store manager told me he was going to organise a growth league and that, starting february, I could use the army to play an Age of Sigmar game each month. I was very hyped and all set to build and paint a quick new army.

I was so productive, that I pretty much finished the whole thing (aside from a Soulgrinder I still had to purchase) on the 12th of March. It was the exact weekend before the lockdown happened.

After the lockdown everything started to become a bit unreal. Life began drastically changing. I had to cancel my trip to warhammer world as well as my music festival tickets. I also had to keep working a lot seeing as I work in the pharmaceutical industry. Everything around the covid pandemic still feels unreal to me and even as I’m typing this I’m still afraid of the massive impact I feel this event is going to have on my future. Like a lot of people, I try to cope by concentrating on the things that are still possible, but I’m also kind of bracing for the worst. Making sure I’ve got my life together seems even more important now in 2020 than it did last year.

Hobbywise I decided to dive back into the Pile. I had a lot of heresy stuff as well as random small projects left to complete, so the images below are a good timeline of what I painted from the start of the lockdown until the current date.

Now, as the world is starting to walk the long and winding road to normality, I have even played a couple of games again (at 1,5m distance):

Now, finally, this weblog has arrived at the current day. The last thing I’ve finished from the Pile were the shattered legion vets and with them, the only things left there are Skaven, Word Bearers and the marines from Indomitus. Three projects, AoS, Heresy and 40k that I’ve decided I’m going to take my sweet time to complete. With the pandemic still controlling our daily lives I want to consolidate everything a bit and that includes my hobbies. Organising the stuff I have and fully enjoying the projects I’m working on. Hopefully from now on I’ll be able to post something new around once a month. Whether that’s Skaven, Word Bearers or 40k will be up to the mood I’m in.

This final thought also brings me back to what I was getting at the start of all these recaps: wargaming and painting miniatures is a great way to glue your life back together when it breaks. It’s fun, creative, social, rewarding of your diligence, able to match your pace and always has something new to find out about. I feel that as long as I manage to stick with it, it’ll help to carry me through whatever these roaring twenties have yet to throw at us.

Thanks for reading!